Snyk: Developer security at its best!

Snyk: Developer security at its best!

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Ā·Apr 10, 2022Ā·

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Ever felt the need for a tool to go through your whole code/repo and list down all the potential vulnerabilitiesšŸ‘¾ and methods on how to fix them ? Well Synk does that job for you and a whole lot fasteršŸš€.

Develop fast. Stay secure

What is it ?

It is a tool that finds and automatically fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code by using industry-leading security intelligence.šŸ§



  • Secure while you code in your IDE
  • Integrate your source code repositories to secure applications
  • Secure your containers as you build, throughout the SDLC
  • Secure build and deployment pipelines
  • Offers an API and CLI image.png

Who is Snyk for ?

Snyk is a developer-friendlyšŸ¤© security platform for anyone responsible for securing code. This includes developers, DevOps, Security, DevSecOps, Compliance, AppSec, and any other team that asks the question,

Is this software safe to put out in the world?

Snyk resources!

You can visit their Vulnerability database that stores information about all the vulnerabilities in the most popular and used tools, dependencies, etc. Database



Snyk has a Free forever plan, as well as paid plans for small development teams to large enterprise organizations. Visit their plans page to learn which option is right for you. Additionally, Snyk is free for open source projects.


Get started!

It offers a fast sign-up using Google and GitHub... also no credit card required! Click the link below to get started šŸ‘‡


This is it for this blog... will see you guys next timešŸ‘‹

Images take from official Snyk website

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