Inkdrop: Markdown notes made simple!

Inkdrop: Markdown notes made simple!


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Well hello everyone, welcome back πŸ‘‹!Ever felt the need of a "divine" tool to help you with personal note taking workflow... well Inkdrop πŸ˜ƒ is the tool!

Solely designed for Markdown to improve your dev workflow

A versatile Markdown editor

It comes with multi-language code highlighting, multi-cursors, line numbers, scrolling beyond the last line, showing invisible characters and more.


Focus on the work that matters

It provides you an intuitive and clean user interface(minimalistic)... Inkdrop even offers you a "Distraction free mode" to help you focus 🧐.


Stay organized, find quickly

With nestable notebooks, pin-to-top, tags and workspace view, it allows you to flexibly organize your notes.

PRO TIP: To create new notebook, click 'Add' button on the right of 'Notebooks' section


Never lose your ideas

Whenever, even while in offline, you can read and write notes. Just open up the app, then it will be instantly ready for you to start jotting down before you forget the idea.



You can have a free trial for 30 days, but then you will have to buy a membershipπŸ€‘!


Tons of Plugins!

This is probably the best part about Inkdrop, apart from the wide range of markdown flavours 🌈. There are multiple plugins which you can use to customize the feel and look of your Inkdrop and even incorporate other features like math(βž•), etc.

Visit there plugins page to try some : )

Well... this is it for this blog. Will see you guys in another blog πŸ‘‹β€¦don't forget to follow and react πŸ‘!

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